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Jewelry with meaning: Why you should wear The Third Eye

Posted by Andrea Kelly on

Beliefs and Meaning Behind The Third Eye

The Third Eye Chakra, also referred to as the ‘inner eye’, is a familiar symbol, which has been adopted by Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. The widely acknowledged symbol usually sits between the eyes of the Buddha, creating a third eye.


The symbol holds different meanings across the religions; Buddhists see the symbol as a spiritual awakening of knowledge and wisdom whereas Hindus believe the third eye is a channel to inner and hidden power.

The Third Eye is an abstract concept that the third eye is invisible and provides a reality beyond that of the ordinary person’s vision. It signifies an entrance to a higher and truer sense of consciousness, bringing a state of enlightenment which brings personal, spiritual and psychological significance. It can be used as a pathway for lucid dreaming and will allow you see more clearly, increasing your levels of spirituality.

How to Achieve The Third Eye

Although it is not easily achievable, opening the third eye is an accomplishment that can reached through the practise of meditation and yoga. Third eye meditation allows you to open up your clairvoyant sight, clearing energy blocks, self-limitations and releasing negative karma. Those who have clairvoyant tendencies may begin to perceive the chakras and aura energies of other people, plants and animals. . Through hard practise of meditation, you can experience more vivid colors, auras and visions bringing you to a higher level of consciousness. 

Third Eye Jewelry

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Malas and Mantras

Are you wondering how you can make your mala jewelry honor more than just your style? Malas are closely associated with mantras because they work together to help manifest specific intentions or healing energies.A mantra is a word, phrase or sound that is used in meditation to help you focus on a specific intention. Mantras help you manifest positive intentions [...]

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Yoga Jewelry to get your Zen on

Yoga Jewelry to take that after mat feeling with you throughout your day. One of my great passions in life is yoga. I always try to do yoga before creating jewelry.  Not only does it physically prepare my body to sit and create, but I find my designs are infused with a feeling of zen. [...]

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Ganesh – Remover of Obstacles

Ganesh What is Ganesh? Ganesh is a very popular Hindu deity that is worshiped throughout India, regardless of affiliations. He is revered as the remover of obstacles and also known as the deva of wisdom, intellect and the patron of arts and sciences. Visually, he is quite memorable with his elephant head and large belly. [...]

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Tibetan Prayer Wheels

Discover the Power of the Tibetan Prayer Wheel Spinning a prayer wheel during your meditation and mantra recitations aids in calling on the “great and generous presence of the kind spirit”.   It also assists in spreading divine blessings and good fortune. The old and sacred belief of using a Tibetan Prayer Wheel dates from [...]

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The Lotus Flower

In Eastern countries the angelic lotus flower has a deep rooted significance with people from many sects and religions. The lotus flower is generally found growing in muddy ponds. Its’ ability to stay clean amid the enormous presence of dirt represents the essence of purity. Hence the lotus flower has long remained the emblem of elegance and purity. Over the [...]

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~ Om, Ohm or Aum? ~

The ohm symbol, or om symbol, is recognized as a word used in meditation. It is a sacred word, often repeated over and over when meditating. The Buddhist symbol itself dates back as far as 3000 B.C. It has been used in Southeast Asian and Indian scripts and documents, with the Upanishad being the first [...]

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~The meaning of Namaste~

Namaste is a commonly used Hindi word that translates into “I bow to you.” People who practice yoga will often hear their yoga teacher say this phrase to them and then the students will say it back to the teacher. Although it is said sometimes in yoga, it is most often used amongst the residents [...]

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