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How to clean silver jewelry: Easy DIY recipes

Posted by Andrea Kelly on

Get your silver sparkling again with these easy DIY jewelry cleaning recipes 

Clean Silver Jewelry Using Toothpaste

That’s right. Good, ol’ fashioned toothpaste. This recipe claims that not just jewelry, any silverware that you may have will be shiny and tarnish-free with toothpaste.

Homemade Jewelry Cleaner

This recipe uses the baking soda that we’d shared earlier about but as well it adds vinegar for an additional punch. PLUS, it claims to make your silver sparkle without any scrubbing. Now, that’s easy, right?

Shine Your Silver Using…. Salt

This recipe from the Jewelry Making Journal shares how you can get the tarnish off silver pieces using the humble salt. Worth a try, don’t you think?

Jewelry Cleaning Tips

This article outlines jewelry cleaning tips not only for silver pieces but for gold, diamonds and pearls as well.

Silver Jewelry Cleaning Tips

This is the post I’d mentioned earlier as well and shares my tips for cleaning silver earrings and getting the tarnish and dullness off with ease.

Things To Keep In Mind When Cleaning Silver Jewelry

  1. Don’t try to ‘scrub’ the tarnish off using a toothbrush or harsh scrubbers because that will lead to scratches.

2. Always buff and shine your pieces gently with a special silver cleaning cloth.

3. Use these DIY recipes with a single inexpensive piece to begin with.

4. If your silver jewelry is only silver coated, abrasive cleaners may wear off the coating entirely.

5. If you’re unsure about cleaning your jewelry at home, please consult a professional jeweler.

Yes, you can email me.  andrea@andreakellydesigns.com

Disclaimer: Always check to see if you have manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your jewelry. These tips are strictly for informational purposes and not intended to replace original instructions in any way. 

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