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Retirement Gift Ideas for women

Posted by Andrea Kelly Designs on

Retirement gift ideas for women co-workers and colleagues need careful thought and consideration.

You want them to know how much you valued working with them and the impact they had while gifting them something
that will be truly memorable too.

But how does one do that if you’re on a budget?

Here are tips on how to pick the best retirement gifts without breaking the bank:

1. Make a memory… Rather than a Monument

Well, you may not build a monument as a retirement gift, but you get the point, right?

Gift something that will be cherished rather than a BIG gift which may end up taking too much space or even, make the
recipient feel guilty.

A beautiful birthstone necklace or earrings will fit thebudget and be a gift that is much appreciated too.


2. Go the Group Gift Way

If budget is a concern and you want to gift something special, pool in with other colleagues and you’ll be able to increase
the gift money budget with ease.

3. Look at Hobbies and Other Interests for Creative Gifts.

Buying retirement gifts doesn’t mean just gifting “something”.

You can truly be thoughtful and chat with the recipient’s friends, spouse or significant other or even, themselves and
and learn about their hobbies and creative pursuits.

Are they fond of yoga? How about a Mudra hand bracelet ?


4.Gift an Experience

Retirement should be an experience they enjoy and savor.

Woman workers who’ve balanced home, family, work and social commitments for years can enjoy their new found time
and you can help them kickstart by gifting them an experience.

A voucher to a day spa or shopping spree with you and a few other coworkers will be experiences they’ll enjoy and
cherish for years to come.

Depending on your relationship with them, you could even setup weekly or monthly coffee or wine dates so you can catch up and your friend gets her fix of shop talk as well.

Yes, retirement gift ideas that don’t cost the earth and still make an impact are easy once you start thinking about them.

What are some of the best retirement gifts for women that you’ve come across?