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Fitness Jewelry: 5 ways to style your Fitbit

Posted by Andrea Kelly Designs on

Black Fitbit layered with Turquoise & Hematite

Fitness jewelry is the latest style statement to add personality to your workouts. Are you working out in style? Find out!

Fitness jewelry is the hottest thing around. It’s a fun, easy and personality-filled way to brighten up your workouts and well, make heads turn too.

Today, let’s talk about accessorizing the Fitbit.

Well, one way to do that is to get one of the Fitbit Tory Burch collection but honestly, if you don’t want to shell out nearly $200 for it, I have some great tips to help you jazz up that Fitbit with some soul-filled fitness jewelry that makes a statement too.

Fitness Jewelry Tips for the Fitbit

Layer with color

Pink Fitbit layered Titanium Pyrite & Malachite

Layering is the Answer

Layering has, for long, been the go-to styling solution for celebrities and everyday busy people, alike.

Accessorize your Fitbit by layering it with sexy chain bracelets like the Bali bracelet, beautiful bangles or beaded gorgeousness like the Boho bracelet.

Make sure you use the Fitbit color as your anchor or primary color so that all the bracelets tie in beautifully together.

Alternatively, you can pair contrasting styles for a truly dramatic effect. Think pairing the earthy Tibetan turquoise with the Day of the Dead bracelet.

Choose Bracelets that Reflect Your Soul… and Style

When choosing bracelets to layer with your Fitbit make sure you choose those that reflect your innate sense of style so that you carry off the look with complete confidence.

Add Some Rings for Added Bling

While bracelets are our first choice for accessorizing the Fitbit, you can never go wrong with some stunning, statement rings as well.

Fitbit Layered bracelets in Black & Gold

Black & Gold Fitbit Hamsa layered combination

Fitness Jewelry Never Fail Tips

When adding bling to your Fitbit or workout gear, in general, you must keep a few things in mind:

1. Choose jewelry that won't damage your Fitbit. 

2. Pick bracelets that won't interfere with your workouts. 

3. Make sure sweat won't damage your bracelet.

4. Keep your look interesting by adding different bracelets from your collection.

5. Try a different colored Fitbit band as your base.

6. Less may be more but you can also go all in and stack them high.  Play with your look until you are happy and it feels right.

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