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Gift Buying Guide: Buying a Gift To Suit Your Budget

Posted by Andrea Kelly on

When it comes to buying a gift, it’s the thought that counts right? But everyone has a budget, whether you are splashing out or getting a smaller gift this year, we have rounded up gift ideas to suit all!

Tree of Life Earrings

$30 - Tree of Life, Long Gold Earrings

Despite the small price tag, this gift is rich with meaning and love. Give the gift of the Tree of Life to a family member, or someone facing big life changes!

Aqua Gunmetal Bracelet

$55 - Aqua Gunmetal Bezel Bracelet

At this mid-range price, the Aqua Gunmetal Bezel Bracelet is a gift for any woman. This sophisticated bracelet will compliment any outfit, and will be a great accessory for any Christmas party!

DIY Prayer Mala Kit

$55-95 - Mala Kits

Mala Kits range from $55-75, so you can pick one to fit your budget! Each Mala Kit has different meanings, so check out the blog on Mala Kit guides to find the best one for you! These are great fun to make alone or in a group!

Double Strand Aqua Necklace

$95 - Aqua Double Strand Crystal Necklace

This is a piece of jewelry that stands out! So if you’re looking to buy someone a statement piece without breaking the bank, then take a look at this beautiful necklace with subtle tones.

Pearl Necklace

$150 - Not Your Mama’s Pearls

At the upper end of the price scale, the Not Your Mama’s Pearls Necklace makes an elegant and special gift. A twist on a timeless classic, the oxidized sterling silver is paired with bubble pearls for a touch of chic.

Looking for more ideas?  Be sure to check out www.andreakellydesigns.com

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