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Malas and Mantras

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Are you wondering how you can make your mala jewelry honor more than just your style? Malas are closely associated with mantras because they work together to help manifest specific intentions or healing energies.

A mantra is a word, phrase or sound that is used in meditation to help you focus on a specific intention. Mantras help you manifest positive intentions in your life while cleansing the negative energy around you. You can choose a specific mantra that resonates within your life depending on your own intentions. For example, you can choose an affirmation (I am strong), a specific word (gratitude), or a sound (Om).

When choosing a mala bracelet or necklace it is beneficial to keep a specific mantra in mind that will speak to you personally. Each gemstone has its own energy and healing qualities that can be manifested in your life. Mala and mantra meditation allows you to manifest the positive intention of your mantra with the energetic healing of your particular mala bead. By using them together in meditation or in your day-to-day life, the positive energy of your mantra and mala combined will help you become grounded on your intention.

A great way to begin using your mantra and mala beads together is to silently repeat your mantra to yourself. As you focus on your intention, you can hold your mala in your, focus on it or have it near you while you repeat your mantra multiple times. Find a mala and mantra that speaks to you personally, and don’t be afraid of changing up your mala and mantra to make sure they are always honoring what you need.

Try working with two of our favorite stones and intentions below

Lava Rock Prayer Mala - DIY Kit


I am grounded.

Lava rock is known for its grounding properties. Being full of raw earthly energy, lava rock helps promote the removal of unneeded emotional attachments or negative relationships within your life. 

As it comes from the earth’s core, it has a strong connection with the root chakra and grounding energy. Lava rock is also known as a stone of rebirth; it can aid in clarity and can help give you the strength to eliminate the aspects of your life that no longer honor you.

Choosing a mantra that focuses on strength, clarity or grounding would coincide with lava rocks healing properties.



Mudra Hand Amethyst Meditation Bracelet

Amethyst has been known since antiquity for its sobering energy. Cleansing you from negative distractions, it allows you to have clarity and spiritual insight.

It is most commonly affiliated with the Third Eye chakra and its ability to offer spiritual connection and understanding. Helping you stay focused, balanced and at peace, the amethyst stone has been used as protection against negative energy and unwanted spiritual encounters. 

This gemstone can be used for emotional healing and moving on from past events. Its energy also promotes you to find understanding and peace in your day-to-day life. Amethyst can be used in higher spiritual meditation and helping you understand the wisdom of the universe. Offering you clarity, peace and happiness, amethyst is a great protective gemstone that offers more than one specific quality. 

Finding a mantra that focuses on happiness, protection, wisdom, peace or balance would match best with your amethyst gemstone. 

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